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I’ll keep your site in mind next time I have insomnia. Nothing new or different from the Anti-Catholic rot of the past two hundred years. The same non-compelling, scripture misquoting, monotony that you can find on most Evangelical, and Dispensationalist web pages and books. Minus references to Rome as the Seat of the Anti-Christ, and without using the term Romish, which was a little refreshing.

Otherwise all these objections to the Unchanging Truths taught by the Church have been answered time after time. Works that strike terror only in those who’s ignorance of the teachings of and history of the Church, and who without good Biblical Scholarship bring themselves to regard Jack Chick tracts as a good resources for Bible School liturature. All and all a big yawn.

Rather than waste time on answers to the same old questions, I’ll post this link as a starting point. http://socrates58.blogspot.com/ Dave Armstrong, Patrick Madrid, Scott Hann and a number of other former Protestant minsters now Catholic after searching the Scriptures and finding the Protestant Sola Scriptura doctrine came up short, have already done enough typing for all of us.