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There was an old song about how Catholics had to get up earlier in the morning than Protestants in order to get to Mass.

Until the reign of Pope Pius XII Mass could not be offered after Noon, even the vigil Mass on Holy Saturday was started a few minutes before Noon, ending the fasting for Lent at Noon on Holy Saturday. As I posted elswhere, when old practices like the Midnight Eucharistic Fast where abrogated, the Popes who shortened the fasts, (Pius XII and Paul VI) encouraged all who could to keep the old customs.

Even when the Midnight Eucharistic Fast was in force, there was a general indult, (permission) for anyone who was sick, (Chronic or acute illnesses) and for Firemen, Police, (during their shift) Active duty Servicemen ingaged in a War and others who needed to eat in order to keep their strenght, or to avoid becoming more debilitated to eat before Communion.

Funny how someone who is on a crash diet will skip breakfast, but can’t wait an hour before communion to keep the fast.