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Not only does the Sola Scriptura argument make every “Believer” a Pope, but it grants him far more authority than the Catholic Church defines the Pope as having.

I find it amusing and sad when I watch some of the Evangelical TV programs and see people buy anything the preacher says is so, and is bibilically based, just because the preacher says, “God laid this on my heart.” I did enjoy while sick with the flu one day two different shows on Channel 40, (Our local Protestant Channel) an old re-run where the Owner of the station was agreeing with a Presbyterian Minister that “Communion” is a symbol and memorial of Jesus and the Last Supper, and that Catholics where Idol Worshipers for believing what our Lord said at the last supper.

The next was a live broadcast in which the Owner of the Station had just recently “Had it laid on his heart by God” to re-interpret the passages on the last supper to mean that Jesus was going to be physically present, and went on to describe almost to the letter the Council of Trent’s explanation of Transubstantiation, even though he did not believe in Apostolic Succession.

The question comes down with Sola Scriptura, who has the authority to interpret the text? and where all the editions of the text in error until the King James Version (Which incidentally had the books rejected by Luther in the original edition.) There is also by extention the question of who has the authority to determine what books are to be included and excluded from the Bible, (While that was determined by various Councils of the Catholic Church, over 1,000 years before Protestant Churches existed, (but for argument sake) who decides what is and is not Scripture, (If we just chuck the first 1500 years of Christian History out the window, and start with the Protestant “Reformation”?

As I see it, either our Lord remained with the Church and will do so until the consumation of the Earth as He promised, or He lied and abandoned the Church and let it fall into apostasy until Martin Luther, John Calvin, Tyndale and the rest came along.