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[quote:7k1ylltz]I watched it last night with my friend’s family.

The movie is very violent. It depicts the Aztec civilization at its height. You see countless acts of sacrifice and brutality. However, the movie does not deliberately shove that in your face and focus on it as though it were a slasher flick. There is an actual story and a good one at that.

I would see it again.[/quote:7k1ylltz]

[color=darkred:7k1ylltz]That wasn’t the Aztec civilization. It was the Mayan civilization. Very pagan, very vile, very violent. They make the American Indians look like girl scouts. I believe there was some protest in Mexico about it’s exaggerations. I’m sure it did have some exaggertations, but some of the people of that region (Yucatan/Chiapas) are still to this day very archaic and violent. The Zapatistas (plenty on the net about them) are modern day descedents of the people you saw in Apocalypto. Women will carry a machete or automatic gun while carrying an infant on their back. I am almost certain that it was the coming of the Church to Mexico that suppressed much of their violence.[/color:7k1ylltz]