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Mr. Weathers, Why do you trust men that base their beliefs upon

[quote:11r1mgnz] we have no measuring stick that lies outside the system being measured. when i measure my weight for example, i have a standard that is extrinsic to me. [u:11r1mgnz][b:11r1mgnz]so far as[/b:11r1mgnz][/u:11r1mgnz] i know we have no such way of measuring anything in “years’ before there was a sun or an earth to go ’round it. moreover, the length of a “year” has not been uniform since the solar system was formed. i have, however, talked to people who are knowledgeable in such things (i.e. physics and cosmology) and they contend that this is not a problem. [u:11r1mgnz][b:11r1mgnz]so, in the absence of any greater knowledge on my part, i take their word for it.[/b:11r1mgnz][/u:11r1mgnz][/quote:11r1mgnz]


[quote:11r1mgnz]there is nothing to suggest that the earth is only 6000 yrs old or that we have been around for only 6000 yrs. genesis is,[u:11r1mgnz][b:11r1mgnz] i would contend[/b:11r1mgnz][/u:11r1mgnz], to be taken as true in the theological sense, but not in the literal sense. the message is true certainly but the cosmology isn’t literally true. as to the human speciies, [u:11r1mgnz][b:11r1mgnz]i don’t think there is any reason to doubt[/b:11r1mgnz][/u:11r1mgnz] that we have been around for several hundred thousand yrs; yet, at some point there had to be a first human couple. the point in genesis is that we were created in God’s image and that something went terribly wrong.[/quote:11r1mgnz]

another person’s feelings and thoughts or opinions instead of What does God’s word tell us? Here are some Biblical Based places to see what God’s word tells us:

http://shop5.gospelcom.net/epages/AIGUS … t/10-2-261


these are for real places with facts, not “theories!”