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I think you answered your question with the second part of your post. What can I find in a Lutheran service that I cannot find at Catholic mass? The Lutheran faith, including the teachings you outline. In addition, the Lord’s supper.

I did not mean this to be a discussion of whether Lutherans or Catholics are right. That is a discussion for another post and an argument that I know goes around and around in circles. It’s exhausting and both sides give less than satisfactory answers.

My question is simply: I respect the Catholic faith although through prayer I know that I cannot be Catholic. I am willing to allow my children to be baptized Catholic and raised in the Catholic faith, so long as they also truly understand my faith, something that I feel can only be accomplished by exposure to the Lutheran Church (just as understanding of the Catholic faith can only be accomplished through exposure to the Catholic Church). How can this logistically be accomplished? Does the Catholic Church mandate to attend mass every week preclude attendance at a Lutheran service every other week?