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[quote:2pbjpza7]Thank you for the response. I should clarify. I’m not referring to an attitude toward ME, personally. I’m referring to a general attitude of condescention (whether intentional or not) toward Protestants/Lutherans and as such, myself.

But, I am interested in your wife’s household growing up. How did they handle the mixed family? You mention that she is a devout Catholic…was she raised in the Catholic church alone?[/quote:2pbjpza7]

I find this attitude also in the Lutheran Church(I have many Lutheran friends and I was a Lutheran till 1959) and I assume all others,It’s probalbly a human weakness in all of us.My wife’s mother and father were married for 65years until about 2 years when both died of a stroke within 6 months of each.They both were loving and caring people,he would go to his Lutheran and her to the Catholic Church(so I guess it can be done).