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[quote:1cjpalr9]And whatever orally spoken was eventually written down or wasn’t necessary[/quote:1cjpalr9]
So you assume. This is just another instance of circular reasoning. “The Bible alone is the rule of faith therefore everything I need to know must be in the Bible.” Your premise is again your conclusion.

[quote:1cjpalr9]obviously you give man to much credit for doing what God did through the Holy Spirit[/quote:1cjpalr9]
What the Holy Spirit did through the Catholic Church. I nowhere deny or minimize the role of the Holy Spirit in the preservation of the faith, Ron. Quite the contrary, the entire Catholic system is based entirely on the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit.

[quote:1cjpalr9]It still applies regardless of your denials that Scriptures aren’t sufficent.[/quote:1cjpalr9]
If the context is stripped from the verse, thereby changing the meaning, it does not still apply. And that is just what you have done, Ron.

[quote:1cjpalr9]Yes that is so soothing to listen to until you think about all of the deceptive “prophets” in business[/quote:1cjpalr9]
What Mormons and JWs do is irrelevant to the truth. Just because the devil masquerades as an angel of light does not incriminate the heavenly host.

[quote:1cjpalr9]Have you ever looked at my articles to know? Obviously not by his kind of rhetoric![/quote:1cjpalr9]
Are you telling me that you are only ignorant of Catholic teaching and hermeneutics while on this site? That you somehow understand and present it accurately elsewhere? That would be dishonest of you, Ron.

[quote:1cjpalr9]Even through all of the prostitues and illegitiment popes! Yes that would be something to announce to the world – I’d run from that for sure! It isn’t something that I’d shout about.[/quote:1cjpalr9]
If anything, Ron, all the prostitutes and illegitimate popes are a proof for Catholicism, not against it. Through 2000 years of existence the Catholic Church has proclaimed the same teaching. When popes were sleeping with prostitutes and reigning over Europe with both secular and religious power, no Catholic teaching changed. If anything shows the work of the Holy Spirit in preserving the truth, it is a corrupt pope on the chair of St. Peter answering to no authority yet teaching the doctrines that condemn himself.

It was the heresy of the Donatists that tied spiritual efficacy to personal holiness. Do not follow in their footsteps.

[quote:1cjpalr9]You mean what your church says is Biblical doen’t you? A little twist here and there for good measure.[/quote:1cjpalr9]
If by little twist you mean reading Scripture in proper context and following the wisdom of the early Church, which was composed of those who learned the faith from the Apostles and spoke Greek as a native language, then yes. What you would want to avoid is reading Scripture woodenly, literalistically, and piecemeal.

[quote:1cjpalr9]Nice sounding but so is the thought of ocean-front properties in Arizona and about that realistic as well.[/quote:1cjpalr9]
Because it has gone on for your entire post, I will mention it here. You have yet to respond with anything more than snide comments.

[quote:1cjpalr9]1 -again you claim what isn’t truthful, only what your church claims.[/quote:1cjpalr9]
I can show you the Biblical basis of any Catholic doctrine you want. But not in this thread. Just keep in mind that showing a Biblical basis does not mean “convincing Ron something is true.” Your conviction is irrelevant.

[quote:1cjpalr9]2 – Scriptures are sufficient without your church’s okay, thank you,[/quote:1cjpalr9]
See ‘asserting one’s premise as one’s conclusion’ several times above.

[quote:1cjpalr9]3 – Scriptures do tell us that not everything was written but don’t quit there because if you contine it tells us “what is written down is enough to KNOW how to believe and what we should know” No maybes about it![/quote:1cjpalr9]
I did not stop there. You will note that I agreed completely that Scripture is materially sufficient in my last post. Are you aware of the difference between materially sufficient and formally sufficient?

Scripture is our book. Tradition is our reading glasses. It makes the small print easier to read.

[quote:1cjpalr9]Funny it is very clear to anyone that KNOWS Scriptures what those verses say. read them over, I bet you can too![/quote:1cjpalr9]
In other words, you have no argument to present so praise the emperor’s new clothes.

Looking through the thread you can see a difference in our posts, Ron. Both of us make snide comments. I have always been a smart ass. But in my posts, I back up my words. I do not simply say “you don’t get it, stupid” and leave it at that. Neither do I simply reassert. I explain. I argue. I show. Just because you disagree with the conclusion does not change that.