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“The description of the whore is parallel to the first beast of Revelation 13 that also has seven heads and ten horns (v. 7) indicating that both symbols represent the same entity ‚Äì that being the Roman Catholic papal system. Furthermore, the whore is described as sitting on seven mountains (v. 9). Rome has frequently been identified as the City of Seven Hills, from classical times down to contemporary time.”

Look, I don’t have the time to categorically debunk every fantastically stupid claim in the article (yes, I brought out the term “stupid”, which I rarely use online–the article is *that* bad), but here is a common example of their idiocy.

First of all, they simply identify the horns and heads with “Roman Catholic papal sytem”, without giving any reason. Then, they claim the “city on seven hills” has something to do with the Catholic Church, because it has to do with Rome.

The Catholic Church is headquartered at Vatican City, which is not even in the same STATE as Rome (Vatican City is basically its own tiny country), yet because Protestants so often (misguidedly, mostly) equate “Rome” with “Catholic”, the uneducated protestant who reads this thinks to himself “WHOA, LOOK AT THAT, ROME IS THE CITY ON SEVEN HILLS, SO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH MUST BE THE WHORE OF BABYLON. GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

It is nonsense. The whole thing is bigoted, unjustified, sensationalist nonsense. Don’t read it, don’t bother reading it, there is NOTHING worth seeing, besides the lengths to which certain Catholic-haters will go to “prove” their perverted claims.

People have been obsessed with endtimes for thousands of years. Maybe tens of thousands. Jesus warned against attempting to predict the endtime, and I follow Jesus’ example.