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The dream was so lucid that I remember seeing the cracks and nails in the wood. Everything was very detailed. I remember as soon as Jesus ended his command to me, I woke up and kept saying what he said. I woke my wife up because I kept saying it so loud, over and over again so I could remember. I walked fast to my computer and I typed it out. Luckily the computer was left on overnight so I got to write it out right away. I remember as I was typing the dream out, I was excited and anticipating searching the Saints name up on the internet; wondering just what if this for real. Then I went online to yahoo search Saint Bernardine of Siena, who I have never heard before in my life. Sure enough, his name came up and I remember just about falling off my chair and my heart was just racing. Later that morning, I printed my dream out on a piece of paper and took it to a priest at a Catholic Church (the one that I now go to). He asked me if I understood all the symbology in the dream. I told him I did and I explained it to him. He also asked me questions about my faith and during the conversation I found out that I wasn’t suppose to receive communion anymore until a made a general confession and to get my marriage blessed by him it could be a sacramental marriage. Within two weeks I completed this and I was back.