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[quote:1blceawo]Mr. Weathers, I’ve seen that type of evidence and I have no problems understanding that Jesus started His Church. The problem is that if Roman Catholicism is that church, then we’d have to wonder what Jesus meant by the “gates of Hell would not prevail against it.” It is very understandable why the reformation got started. In both cases the reasons are very clear – the Catholic Church does not resemble that early church, its not even the same Gospel being preached, and it isn’t even close to the same. (Why do I say that when everyone knows that you are thinking “its only his private interpretation!”)[/quote:1blceawo]

Do you by any chance mean “that early church” which believed in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? Almost all of the teachings of the Catholic Church can be found explicitly in the writings of the Early Fathers. Those that can’t can often be found implicitly. But then, I doubt you read much history. After all, your answer to what Christians did for the hundred years before the Bible was written, the 350 before it was compiled, and the 1500 before it was readily available is:

“I don’t know”.