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[quote:3o08a2jv][quote:3o08a2jv][quote:3o08a2jv]I know, but you seemed to be asking whether this was due to love or in spite of love.[/quote:3o08a2jv]

[color=darkred:3o08a2jv]I think Jon got the same impression. I suppose I was looking more for which quality of God wins out (bad wording) when confronted.[/color:3o08a2jv][/quote:3o08a2jv]

They aren’t in conflict, that’s the point.[/quote:3o08a2jv]

[color=darkred:3o08a2jv]Justice is Love and Love is Justice. I got that!
But since God’s attributes come to us one at a time, I can’t help but seperate them. Even though I know they come hand in hand. I do not “feel” love when I am being chastised. Do you?

In this sense, they are seperate.[/color:3o08a2jv]