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[quote:1uloqxcc][quote:1uloqxcc]Uh… huh?

I don’t understand what you mean. If you are referring to God’s justice, and sending people to Hell, remember that He *doesn’t* send people to Hell. They go there themselves.

If that wasn’t what you were referring to, you’ll have to clarify. It’s early and I’m groggy. heh[/quote:1uloqxcc]

[color=darkred:1uloqxcc]No problemo… :mrgreen:

People will end up in Hell [i:1uloqxcc]because[/i:1uloqxcc] justice exist. Justice flows from God’s character, just like Love. So whether we send ourselves or not is irrelavent to the fact that people are there because of the existence of Justice.

Hope that helps.[/color:1uloqxcc][/quote:1uloqxcc]

I know, but you seemed to be asking whether this was due to love or in spite of love.