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[quote:3ubcyxfa][quote:3ubcyxfa]Hire them for what? I don’t think I would base my decision solely on the fact that they had a tattoo.[/quote:3ubcyxfa]

[color=darkred:3ubcyxfa]Neither would I. But many people do. If the guy had tatoos in his face and he was applying for a sales job, I think most people wouldn’t hire the guy.[/color:3ubcyxfa][/quote:3ubcyxfa]

True, but it isn’t like that is discriminating. You want someone who can sell things. People who have tatoos on their face are far less likely to sell things. That would be a smart business decision, I think.

If, of course, one’s priority is simply sold goods. If one is looking for diversity, or some type of “out there” feel for one’s store, it might change.