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[quote:l3nmfcos]If you think it is because of Matthew 16:18, maybe you should read it again….for Peter had just answered Jesus’ question of “who do you think I am?” with the correct answer of “the Messiah.” It is upon that fact that Jesus says He (not Peter) would build His Church (again not Peter’s).[/quote:l3nmfcos]

You just [i:l3nmfcos]made that up[/i:l3nmfcos]. Not only is there no evidence for such a thing, the “plain reading of Scripture” completely ocntradicts that [i:l3nmfcos]private[/i:l3nmfcos] interpretation.

If you hope to convert others reading this forum, you better hope they are unreasoning, illogical, downright lacking in intelligence and most likely already anti-Catholic, because Jack Chick wouldn’t be convinced by your arguments.