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Mr. Weathers,

Where or what makes you sure that Christ started your church?
If you think it is because of Matthew 16:18, maybe you should read it again….for Peter had just answered Jesus’ question of “who do you think I am?” with the correct answer of “the Messiah.” It is upon that fact that Jesus says He (not Peter) would build His Church (again not Peter’s). Moreover, look at Scriptures themselves, they always say Jesus is the Rock. Even Peter tells us that Jesus is the foundation upon which the Church is built.
You say I shouldn’t quote Scriptures. Why not for His word is truth. What should I use a book by Humans? Then what would be any different if I used the book of Mormons, or JWs, or your Catechism, none of which are inspired by God. As for your apostolic succession, that is also a joke for two reasons: there are at least four popes that became a pope because their fathers slept around. Hardly what Christ would use. And more to the point, with all of the traditons that your church does that aren’t Biblical reveals that it isn’t of God because God said the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. And it has against yours. Matthew 24 Jesus tells us about how great the deception would be in the later times-
and catholicism would be exhibate – 1A no doubt! But do whatever you want, you too have a free will to choose.

I do not regret standing up for Jesus.