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you think :
[quote:1hvu274i] think these people know the Catholic Church is their biggest threat in challenging their beliefs. The small number of people that I know who bash the Catholic Church are spiritually unstable and lack spiritual confidence. For instance, they don’t fully understand and/or lack confidence in their own religion, so they have to bash someone else’s because if their insecurity. I think they may have found certain truths with the Catholic Church but are too afraid to look into it any further because they do not want to change their way of life. Or they may have found the truth, but are just too dense to do something about it. Ultimately I believe, and this is my opinion, that these people are having trouble becoming close to God and they are venting their frustrations the wrong way. Catholics are on the receiving end of this because we are the Truth, and Truth will always be ridiculed. [/quote:1hvu274i]

Give me a break. I know how dense this must seem to you o’ man of wisdom, but I Know you have your facts mixed up here!

Victor (oh buddy)
You say:
[quote:1hvu274i]Not now, nor anytime you have posted has an ounce of knowledge about catholics and what we believe been apparent. You telling us we are lost, and that you are here to save the day is all fine and dandy, but it’s deffinately not getting you anywhere with us. If anything, we seem to be getting more assurance the more you talk.[/quote:1hvu274i]

Just for your update, I cannot help if you close your ears, and maybe with you I get no where, but you don’t know who is watching these points and as Scriptures say, my job is just to throw out the seeds, the Lord will take care of the rest. Sorry, its not that you can’t understand English, it is simply that you choose to not know. You do have that right.