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[quote:2yawz0se]Uncertaindrummer has these little messages to me:

That doesn’t surprise me for a number of reasons: you being a Catholic don’t believe in Sola Scriptura either (the Bible as the authority) so why would my article impress you? The Bible tells us this as well. I know that my articles are legitimate because I have several people including a pastor look them over BEFORE I ever send them in for accuracy <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

Few points here: If you don’t expect me to be convinced, what’s the point? You don’t need to preach to the choir. You already believe it.

Second, you DON’T know they are legitimate. Your pastor is no authority. He is every bit as fallible as everyone else.

[quote:2yawz0se]The Word is/are the teachings of Jesus Christ of which the Bible is His Book for us. [/quote:2yawz0se]

Wrong again. The Word *is* Jesus, not His teachings. Also, you just try to throw that “the Bible is His book for us” in there, but you have no reason for believing that. He never even MENTIONED the Bible. He talked about the Old Testament Scriptures, but that hardly serves your purposes.

[quote:2yawz0se]Hebrews tells us that He used prophets in the past so how God use to get information to us has greatly improved, wouldn’t you say?
All of the writtenings of Scriptures were before 100 AD. so that those that maybe were somewhat limited in hearing the message even before a “bible” would do so. How they did it I don’t and can’t say but regardless, Scriptuures does say in Romans 1 that no one has an excuse for not believing. Aren’t you glad we now have the Bible?[/quote:2yawz0se]

So you don’t even *know* what a first century Christian would do? Ron, you are unbelievable. Talk about lack of reason.

[quote:2yawz0se]The Church isn’t Roman Catholicism either with all of your unbiblical practices my friend[/quote:2yawz0se]

You haven’t even shown why we need to believe in the Bible, much less how the Church is teaching unbiblical things (a category which Sola Scriptura would fall into by the way). Regardless, you are simply dodging questions to which you have no answer. A Christian in the 8th century relied on the Church, not a book he didn’t own and couldn’t read.

[quote:2yawz0se]It tells me it is — try reading out of a New King James once. By the way, since you say it isn’t sufficent, care to tell me what you think it lacks?[/quote:2yawz0se]

So then your position is that the OT is all we need? Okay, glad we got that cleared up! For a second there I thought you meant we needed the New Testament as well! Silly me.

As for what the Bible lacks; It lacks an interpreter. No book interprets itself. Period.

[quote:2yawz0se]A Born-again Believer would be a “man of God”[/quote:2yawz0se]

:rolleyes: So then only those who are saved can read the Bible and learn how to be saved. Seems like a useless book to me.

[quote:2yawz0se]Paull doesn’t say good works get you saved but that by faith in what Jesus did at Calvary saves us so we now can do good works… keep your bible in context. (as your church people like to tell me)

I am not talking about that. I’m talking about 2 Tim 3:16-17 where he says the OLD Testament is *useful* for the [i:2yawz0se]man of God[/i:2yawz0se] to do [b:2yawz0se]good works[/b:2yawz0se].

Oh you mean like your predictions on baseball at your ranting address?
You don’t do very well at that either! <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/quote:2yawz0se]

First off, no, I didn’t predict baseball that well this year, but secondly, dude those were joke predictions. You did see that the Athletics lost to the Twins… and then I had them losing to the Yankees, right? It was supposed to be funny that I had the A’s losing twice. Apparently you missed it, heh.

Besides, my predictions (as I explain in a later rant) always end up going along rooting lines, and not my brain. For instance, I predict the Giants will win the Super Bowl. Not so much because I think they will, but because I want them to.