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John 1:1 is talking about Jesus. Jesus is the living Word. He is the word of God incarnate. It’s not talking about the Bible (which didn’t even exist in its entirety when that was written).

And Hebrews 1:1-3 has nothing do with Scripture. Again, it’s referring to Jesus, not a set of written books.

Besides, quoting the Bible to validate the authenticity of the Bible or prove that we should listen to the Bible alone is a circular argument and makes no sense. Plenty of other texts call themselves sacred and holy writings. What sets them apart from the Bible in that respect? Nothing. There must be some outside source that also has authority to declare the Bible to be what we believe it is. People must have been in charge of that since we all know the Bible didn’t drop from the sky and a finished product, leather bound with gold-edged paper.

For example, Ron. If I told you I was Miss America, would you believe me? Even if you denied it and I insisted does that make me truly Miss America? No, we know it doesn’t. There is a panel of judges that declares who miss America truly is just like Jesus selected 12 Apostles to shephard his flock after he was crucified. Jesus didn’t tell everyone to follow a book and listen only to them. He groomed people to preach the good news and only from those experiences and the experiences of the followers of the Apostles did the Scriptures (NT) come.