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I am going to help move this conversation along (switching sides for a moment)…

[quote:2bhvmbw6]1. Because you are probably not now, and most likely will not be at the time of your death, perfectly free from every stain and inclination of sin.[/quote:2bhvmbw6]
But Jesus shed his blood at the cross for my sins. I believe in the saving power of Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross so how could I not be free of sin?

[quote:2bhvmbw6]If you have even the slightest inkling to commit even the most minor sin, you have not been perfected. That perfection is required to enter heaven.[/quote:2bhvmbw6]
Yes, but Jesus already accomplished that on the cross. He has already atoned for my sins by his perfect sacrifice…something I could never do on my own behalf. Why doesn’t Jesus’ sacrifice purify me here on earth?