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Bernardine you said:

I’ve been really paying attention to the debates with Ron on this website, staying out of the crossfire. I’ve kept an open mind about things because I am still learning religion and people’s beliefs. Ron makes interesting points, and so does Jon and Benedict. But the more I look into the information coming from these debates, the more foundation for the Catholic Church I find. [/quote:p9m4c2qr]

Check out my website for a better understanding – I make things clear there – better then it appears I do here.

I’ll give you some more thought questions:
1- Hebrews 4:16 Jesus said we can boldly come before the throne of grace
plus Scriptures say that we shouldn’t pray to the dead – so why do Catholics go to anyone else with prayer?
2 – The Bible says everyone has fallen short there are none righteous, no not one – Romans 3:10-23 – so why do Catholics think Mary never sinned
3 – That host is not the body of Christ – I can show you that if you want to know but the rest I’ll wait for you to contact me
4 – many more reasons that I left as well

let me know if you want my email address – that’s all I can do for now.