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Weathers two points – first about what you said:
Why could you not find the word of God in the Catholic Church,now your taking the advise of former priests(why they are FORMER I dont care)and other sinful people.Some day I hope you come back to the Catholic Church the one that was created by Jesus(I think or hope you still believe this)all others were made by sinful people,Jesus will always welcome you and your family back with open arms.I’m just guessing but you said you “were” a Catholic for 40+ years and I assume your parents were devout Catholics so you must be about 55 is that correct?I’m 69.[/quote:10lqa4uh]

Whatever church Jesus started had nothing to do with todays Roman Catholic Church and I Know for my eternity rests in this, that I still am part of His Church and I will never, ever, be part of your church. No doubt you’d tell me Jesus started it aas Matthew 16:18 shows- Wrong!!
They can’t even get that straight for Peter had just said that Jesus was the Messiah. It is upon that fact that Jesus said He would build His Church-
Furthermore Scriptures show that Jesus is the Rock not Peter.

the other thing is correct I am 55

I know who is right here so no thank you to those open arms, now I invite you to my website if you have questions or even that Berean Beacon site will get you stated right.