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Uncertaindrummer says:

[quote:2ryrlo4h]1. This is a non sequitor. I asked why things had to be Biblical. You responded with an answer that has nothing to do with my question[/quote:2ryrlo4h].
And I answered if you wanted to be correct then that is why you should check out whatever comes up with Scriptures – it God’s word

[quote:2ryrlo4h]2. That is indeed what the angel says. What’s your problem? [/quote:2ryrlo4h]
So how does that make a prayer to another human which is your problem

[quote:2ryrlo4h]3. Why can’t I ask Mary to pray for me? I can ask you, and you would probably be happy to. Yet I can’t ask someone who is perfected in righteousness, closer to God than you, me, or any other “living”* being? Why not? [/quote:2ryrlo4h]
We are told to pray to God alone – not to people that died and passed into Heaven or Hell. Isaiah 8:19 ends with the remark that we should not go to the dead but to God alone, 1 Timothy tells us [b:2ryrlo4h]There is one intercessor the man Jesus[/b:2ryrlo4h] and Acts 4:12 says “by no other name” Also what makes you think that anyone in Heaven can or wants to hear from us?

[quote:2ryrlo4h]God WANTS suuplications, intercession, prayers and thanksgivings offered, I am only listening to Him.[/quote:2ryrlo4h]
Sure he does, having fellowship with others is no problem as long as nether is dead. And please don’t tell we about “God is a God of the living”
That verse was not stated as a permission slip for prayers to the dead. Also Hebrews 4:16 says that “we can boldly go before the throne of grace”
and knowing that God is a Jealous God – what makes you think He accepts prayers to the dead?
You on the other hand, try to deny His greatest Saints even the slightest bit of respect. [/quote:2ryrlo4h]
How’s that ? just because I rather do God’s will does not show disrespect towards saints which BTW are people still living that are saved – as we see in many of Paul’s letters to the saints in ____ !

[quote:2ryrlo4h]*because actually, their souls are every bit alive, and while you have a wounded soul floundering the corrupt world and most likely sin, the Saints’ souls are perfect. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful. Why wouldn’t I ask the MOST righteous beings around to pray for me? [/quote:2ryrlo4h]
Go ahead and ask a living saint, I have no problem with that