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Uncertaindrummer says:
First of all, why do they have to be Biblical? Second of all, you do realize the Rosary is taken from the Bible? The mysteries deal with Biblical events, the Hail Mary is taken directly from the Bible, the Our Father is taken from the Bible… how much more “Biblical” do you want us to get?[/quote:1uz26nbd][/b:1uz26nbd]_________________

1 You should want to be biblical so that you aren’t in error!
2 The rosary is not biblically acceptable – I’m often accused of taking Scriptures out of context – Which is totally what you get if you think its biblical A -the Angel said “Hail Mary” then he says “you are full of grace” –
but you guys put these verses together as if its a prayer …. ridiculous !!!Sure Mary is Biblical as well as the Our Father, but Mary’s being an receptical for prayer and/or to pray to Isn’t

I think you should not “twist” Scriptures nor believe those that are telling you these foolish things