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[quote:3dnkt2wg][color=red:3dnkt2wg][b:3dnkt2wg]Trusting in the shed blood of Christ for Salvation ALONE gets somebody into Heaven[/b:3dnkt2wg][/color:3dnkt2wg] – [u:3dnkt2wg][b:3dnkt2wg]NONE[/b:3dnkt2wg][/u:3dnkt2wg] of the choices you gave does that unless they can could do them perfectly and I only know of one individual that ever did things perfectly (It wasn’t Mary)

Like that favorite song of mine goes —

[color=darkblue:3dnkt2wg]”What can wash my sins away? Nothing but the blood of Jesus”[/color:3dnkt2wg][/quote:3dnkt2wg]


What exactly does “trust in the blood of Jesus” mean?