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[color=darkred:3i5bwgja]Gosh, I really need to do a lot more studying. Jon, you said that Jesus did follow the customs and pratices of the Jewish religion. Now that you pointed that out, I just thought I would share with everyone that Reggie White(former Hall of Fame defensive end) who died recenty, found this out as well later in his life. He began to pratice the Jewish religion towards the end of his life. He not only celebrated Christmas, but began to celebrate Hanukkah as well. ESPN did a documentary on this right after he died from sleep apnea. Also I wanted to ask, since Jesus did practice the Jewish religion, and he did establish the Catholic Church, how do we decide which faith to choose? Also, since Jesus did practice the Jewish faith and did established the Catholic Church, are there any beliefs between the two religions that are shared that someone can point out? Thanks. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> [/color:3i5bwgja]