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[quote:33majwu5]Intent? that hasn’t changed – not in the least[/quote:33majwu5]
[color=darkred:33majwu5]Sorry to hear about that.[/color:33majwu5]
[quote:33majwu5]Conversation – yes[/quote:33majwu5]
[color=darkred:33majwu5]Not if your intent hasn’t changed.[/color:33majwu5]
[quote:33majwu5]The rest including being banned? Its all part of the job – if you don’t have ears to hear – that is your choice.

I just tell you the way things really are- factual and very Biblical

Have a good day anyway – okay?[/quote:33majwu5]
[color=darkred:33majwu5]Peace be with you…[/color:33majwu5]