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[quote:1avp21d4]I cannot see the point they are trying to make. If an immigrant is here illegally, then are they not in violation of the law, hence a criminal? As such, how is that “…turning poor people… into criminals…”? [/quote:1avp21d4]
The bishops are, I believe, operating under the assumption that the illegal immigrants they are speaking about in this instance are forced by economic reasons to seek a sort of ‘asylum’ in America.

In other, more structured words, they had a choice of stay here and die or break into America and work. Whether that is true or not (and for the vast majority of illegal immigrants, I would say not) is part of the debate.

[quote:1avp21d4]God gave us this earth for all to share. By criminalizing people who are trying to make a better life for themselves the United States is saying it is above God’s laws.[/quote:1avp21d4]
God also subjected us to our kings. We have to render under Ceasar and that is exactly what is not happening among the illegal population. They do not pay taxes but they do drain resources through public services and healthcare.

As I mentioned above, (most) illegal immigrants are not coming here because they cannot make a suitable living in their homeland, it is because they can make a better living here. They have no justification for breaking the laws of man because they are not set up in opposition to the laws of God.