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[quote:2rajucwf]I’ll start some trouble then.

Is there any reason to not interpret this as meaning anyone who doesn’t accept God is currently living in their own hell on this Earth? Whether they know it(or admit it) or not? At the very least, a person who openly rejects God.[/quote:2rajucwf]

Well, there are many athiests who are comfortable with the way they live and I wouldn’t say they are living in their own hell while on this earth. We all know where they will be going [b:2rajucwf]later[/b:2rajucwf] though. All I know is that our life is a trial and we just have try living it the best we can and put our trust in God. Me personally, I don’t focus on hell; I just try and live the best I can by following the example of Christ every day. I fail every day, but I always get back up and try again. I’ll never give up on Christ because I know He will never give up on me.