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That’s exactly what I thought too. I just wanted to get someone elses honest opinion and I can only get it here. My thoughts the same on him copy and pasting form a pro-homosexuality website. Kind makes me wonder if he is even striaght if he is defending homosexuality. Good idea on copying a line and then googling it, that’s what I’ll do and I’ll reply to him on the forum about it so everyone will see he did this and then I won’t respond to him anymore.

By the way, about a week ago I was running through the topics on this website and I came to “jesus on the cross” and I clicked on it. I had a post on their that I copy and pasted but I noticed that I forgot to state my source and provide the link. So I went back to the website to do so but I noticed it was copyrighted and I had to get permission so I didn’t even bother. So I decided to take it off. If anybody noticed, this is why. Sorry about that. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />