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Wow, this is strange. Why do so many think that an accurate translation means that “close to the original” is the best? This is a very traditional and by now, quite outdated tradition that many newer language scholars have flushed down the toilet. My Hebrew professors always stressed that the best translation is one that communicates the meaning in the hearers language the best. “The Lord be with you” / “And with your spirit” is quite strange. For us today (English speakers in NA) the “with your spirit” is quite a bit less meaningful, no? English is not Latin and Latin is not English. Hmm, I’m not Catholic but I can see the problems already. Catholic liturgy is quite, um, strict (to us wild, spontaneous, and reckless Protestants… right?). A change in the wording, as simple as it may seem, is maybe not the best thing to do while the RC is trying to rebuild (in a sense) its identity. You guys as Catholics have gone through a lot these past 10 years. I pray this New Mass thing will help not hurt.