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Peace be with you Victor!

[quote:qduftkvd][quote:qduftkvd]Well, what’s the question? Everything seems to be in order.[/quote:qduftkvd]

[color=darkblue:qduftkvd]Your far to easy Jon. Cause some trouble or something……LOL… :lol:
I suppose I was just looking for you guys to pick on my wording or anything that you would phrase differently.[/color:qduftkvd][/quote:qduftkvd]

The only this I can say is that I am in full agreement with the Catechism. It is a choice one makes and I have always believed that. Further, I have never thought of Hell as a place but as eternity with out the Light and Love of God. To me, that is far worse then Dante’s Inferno. lol God Bless!