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Judaism acknowledges life before birth, but still denies that it gains full human life until birth,

“…a baby…becomes a full-fledged human being when the head emerges from the womb. Before then, the fetus is considered a ‘partial life.” (Halacha ie Jewish Law – though “Judaisms law” would be a better name because it does not represent the original laws of the Jews)

“…each case must be decided individually by a rabbi well-versed in Jewish law.””

“Historical Christianity has considered “ensoulment,” the point at which the soul enters the body) as the time when abortions should normally be prohibited. Belief about the timing of this event has varied from the instant of fertilization of the ovum, to 90 days after conception, or later. There has been no consensus among historical Jewish sources about when ensoulment happens. It is regarded as “one of the ‘secrets of God’ that will be revealed only when the Messiah comes.”(http://www.religioustolerance.org/jud_abor.htm)

My question is exactly that, when does the soul dwell within the child? My rationality tells me “when the child enters the world” (out of the womb) but that is human understanding. I agree fully with the previous quote that it is “one of the secrets of God” but because I believe the Messiah has come already I am at odds with Judaism on this issue.

Another problem comes in interpreting the term “murder” in Scripture. “THou shalt not murder” is unbelievably ambigious. When is murder really murder? Why was God in favor of Joshua and the Israelites killing thousands of people for the sake of cleansing the lands? Can the Crusades be reconciled with the OT wars of herem? Again, what is murder?

Can we judge murder?
It boggles my mind, and I don’t think it is wise to argue when life is life, who can know but God what is life since He is the Creator? We are in charge of maintaining and caretaking the life on earth. Who can say an embryo is loved by God more than a mother or vice versa?