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[quote:1f3s9xiu]I just want to offer my opinion on this somewhat hot subject: June 6, 2006 (a.k.a. 6-6-06 or 666).

This isn’t the first century to have a date of 6-6-06 so I don’t really understand what all the pandemonium is all about. Most likely this isn’t the last time this will happen either (but of course we know not the day nor the hour).

So whatever media outlet is getting all excited about this is just trying to make a $ and we should all relax.[/quote:1f3s9xiu]

[color=darkblue:1f3s9xiu]I’m with you there. That number has money capacity attached to it. Especially with those who are into End Time prophecies.[/color:1f3s9xiu]