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I just can’t get enough of you Ron, I’m in a joking mood today <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />

a non-Gospel is different than “another Gospel”. A non-Gospel= no Gospel, why dont’ you understand this?

[quote:1fpgj9gy]I’ve read enough, been around enough to know how to discern this issue.[/quote:1fpgj9gy]

:!: so wisdom and knowledge all come from the root of age? If you know nothing about any of the councils, creeds, history, etc, you have no foundation; your building your “mission” on the sand.

[quote:1fpgj9gy]another slanted opinion! Catholics know historically that Jesus died for them but then tell us how to merit salvation thruogh Sacraments and good works, purgatory, prayers to Mary – all unbiblical- that is a false gospel my friend…[/quote:1fpgj9gy]

1. If Catholics know that Jesus died for them then why do they not receive salvation?
2. Catholic doctrine does not teach that sacraments, good works, purgatory, prayers to Mary merit salvation. You interpreted this from your understanding of Catholicism or maybe a movie or something…
3. do you know what purgatory is? Catholics and Protestants who believe in purgatory (yes, many Protestants believe in it, notable theologians at that) do not believe it “merits” salvation.
4. Prayers to Mary? They do it because they honour her, not that they think by praying to her they’ll be saved.
5. false Gospel. There, now you use the negative form of the Gospel in the correct formula. There can be no “non-Gospel” only a false or another one… :!: you quoted 2 Cor correctly, problem is you didn’t even bother to read what it said. [I’m going crazy here!]

[quote:1fpgj9gy]Have you ever read Scriptures? What day is this? – Acts 20:7 – And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.[/quote:1fpgj9gy]

Sunday was not originally the day of worshipping God for Theists. Jews worshipped (and continue so) on Saturday. There’s a lot of confusion about the “first day of the week” in Acts, was it Saturday or Sunday for the Apostles?

[quote:1fpgj9gy]Again thanks for your well meaning opinion, but errors don’t help me![/quote:1fpgj9gy]

It’s simply true that unless one studies the Scriptures with a solid understanding and background in theology and biblical studies and languages he or she will find it hard to relate to another’s interpretation of Scripture or experience of it.

I’m going to pray now. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />