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My name is not Beasley-Murray, that is the author I quoted for that quote. I’m not Catholic either, in fact I’m Protestant and I thought me saying “that offends me as a non-Catholic” was obvious enough :rolleyes:

You were “saved” from Catholicism right? I think you were saved period, not from Catholicism but Christ met you in your life and saved you, and it was no fault of Catholicism. Your personal life as I understand it was in the pits and Christ saved you like he saves many others. You chose to blame your past failures on a particular denomination that you feel hurt you.

Of course their is the Trinity! I was merely giving you an example of doctrine that is not explicitly in the Bible. We make theological and intelligent constructs to understand God. Why? because God chose to give us intelligent minds to understand such things. The Trinity is true. How do we continue to believe it? Because our Early Fathers designated it as a Truth that cannot be denied by anyone who is a member of the Church of Christ.

[quote:2pfvbwwi]Many things in established practice in Protestant denominations are not found in Scripture[/quote:2pfvbwwi]

[quote:2pfvbwwi]I have no doubt about that either because there are many different Protestants but using a guitar for an example is a rather poor choice. There are old Testament examples of string instruments being used, so what is the problem? [/quote:2pfvbwwi]

So Protestants with non-explicit biblical teaching is ok, but Catholic ones are wrong? Actually the example of the guitar is quite simplistic, overly simplistic but you did not catch the point. We do many things in our lives as we worship God that the early Christians never did. Are we practicing non-biblical modes of worship? Oh, yes, there’s stringed instruments being used in the OT but were they used in the Temple? Also, is there any evidence of instruments being used in the Temple that we can find? No. Does this mean we can’t use them? No. I chose the simplest example I could think of to contrast the non-explicit teaching of the Trinity.

You claim to submit only to “His written word.” Is this a fact? Why do you go to Church on Sunday’s? Is it written that you must go to a church service every Sunday? Do you participate in the Holy Communion? If so, why not do it every time you meet with fellow believers as the early Christians of Acts did? Do you believe in baptism as a remission of sins? If not then how do you explain the theme of baptism in Acts, or again, if you do believe it as a remission of sins how does one explain the teachings of Paul about confessing Christ as the only requirement? The list goes on of things that we all do that are not found explicitly in Scripture, and things that we cannot fully comprehend.

[quote:2pfvbwwi]The Bible says that there is only one way to Salvation and that I put on my last post – what are you trusting in to remove your sins? Sacraments ? Works? or your ability to live righteous enough to merit Salvation? If all Catholics believe the way Roman Catholicism teaches, then those are lightly not to be saved.

Ron, have you ever thought of the millions or billions of people that never heard of Jesus Christ? How does God reach them? Rom 1:20

You’re right Ron, Sacraments and works do not save, was I suggesting this at all? Would any Catholic?

Maybe you found the right path for you, worshipping God in a Protestant Church. It seems your life was so dark in Catholicim that to remain there may be a burden for your spiritual walk with the Lord and so he graciously provided another way to find Him because He knew it would be difficult for you to remain Catholic. This is not the fault of Catholicism or any other. But to write articles against another Christian fellowship is just wrong. It hurts me to see your comments against other Christians who profess Christ as their savior, because they are of the same denomination that you hold bad memories of. Don’t let the fire in your spirit consume you and misguide you. Some day you will understand theology and doctrine to a larger extent and you’ll wish you never crusaded against your Christian brothers because you could not relate to them. Go to a theological school and pour your passion into reading up on Christian theology and then see if your still so sure about what you claim. May God help you on your quest to find truth.