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G.R. Beasley-Murray, you aren’t real clear on what things you are or aren’t trying to say. It appears that you think there is no Trinity, but that is Biblical not just some “tradition.”

you say:[quote:132k02br]
Go against God’s word? This offends me as a non-Catholic!!! I find nothing in Catholic teachings that go AGAINST Scripture[/quote:132k02br]

are you Catholic or is it that you just don’t understand the deceptive teachings of Catholicism?

[quote:132k02br] Many things in established practice in Protestant denominations are not found in Scripture[/quote:132k02br].

I have no doubt about that either because there are many different Protestants but using a guitar for an example is a rather poor choice. There are old Testament examples of string instruments being used, so what is the problem?

[quote:132k02br]Chrisitans teachings and traditions rarely go against God’s Word. As Christians we trust tradition as we believe it was infused with the Holy Spirit’s power, such as the Councils deciding creeds, early writers establishing sound doctrine, etc[/quote:132k02br]

Where do you get this idea from? I’ll stick to His written word!!!

[quote:132k02br]Sacraments are examples and modes of grace.[/quote:132k02br]
Doesn’t sound Biblical, maybe you better try to explain this????

Not sure what you are saying in the next few paragraphs, or why?

However as far as:
[quote:132k02br]What are some of the Roman Catholics “unbiblical practices?” [/quote:132k02br]
[quote:132k02br]Do you really think all Catholics are lost?[/quote:132k02br]

Please read the rest of my articles- you’ll see why I’m here in the first place, they’re clear enough. The Bible says that there is only one way to Salvation and that I put on my last post – what are you trusting in to remove your sins? Sacraments ? Works? or your ability to live righteous enough to merit Salvation? If all Catholics believe the way Roman Catholicism teaches, then those are lightly not to be saved.