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I read your article Ron Kempen. I agree with your point “His Church are those who have placed their faith in His finished work done at Calvary for their sins,”

This is true.

A problem is what you say here: “However show me where in Scripture does it have the many unbiblical practices of this particular church? You won’t find the apostles doing any of their unbiblical “traditions.”

I’ve got one , the Trinity. None of the Apostles mention it or even hint at any understanding of a triune theology as the Church teaches hundreds of years after Peter, Paul, John, etc… Why do we not give up this “tradition”? Because it would lead us to loose faith with the Bride of Christ – Protestant of Catholic.

Another problem: “by using the Bible, without twisting Scriptures, nowhere can one find this denomination’s many teachings and traditions that go against God’s Word.”

Go against God’s word? This offends me as a non-Catholic!!! I find nothing in Catholic teachings that go AGAINST Scripture. Many things in established practice in Protestant denominations are not found in Scripture. Are guitars in the Bible? They weren’t used by Jews or Greeks so why do we allow them in the Church? Clearly, this kind of understanding of Scripture interpretation leaves the doors of rationality wide open for all forms of wild accusations. Paul taught women to cover their heads but nearly all Christians don’t do this. Why? Because we understand Paul to be intending many different things, in a specific cultural context, etc. etc…

Chrisitans teachings and traditions rarely go against God’s Word. As Christians we trust tradition as we believe it was infused with the Holy Spirit’s power, such as the Councils deciding creeds, early writers establishing sound doctrine, etc.

Sacraments are examples and modes of grace. Call it what one wishes, Baptism and the Communion are sacraments (and maybe others <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” /> )

I agree with parts of your sixth claim, but this needs more solid

“neither verse mentions Roman Catholicism as His Church.” Lol, of course not, wouldn’t any Catholic agree? Catholicism was never under the sole leadership of Rome until they agreed to let it, which of course came hundreds of years after Christ. Rome was a great example of leadership and overall Christian charity hundreds of years before Rome became the center of Christianity.

One major thing comes to my mind reading your article, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

“They may be the biggest,” Well, actually not any more. Protestantism is far larger and Pentecostalism (suprisingly) may be the fastest growing and perhaps the largest denomination in terms of attendance.

“many of the “traditions” of today’s Roman Catholic Church actually came into practice in the 4th century when Constantine declared Christianity to be acceptable. This is precisely when many of their unbiblical practices crept into their teachings that we now see, eventually setting up the need for the reformation.”

The Roman Catholic Church did not invent any traditions. They may have been stretched at times, or taken from different sources. If they “actually came into practice in the 4th century” then doesn’t that imply that they were established and taught before they were practiced? All things practiced in religion have always been used before being publicly declared out for everyone to do.

What are some of the Roman Catholics “unbiblical practices?”

Your testimony is very sad and unfortunate, it must have been incredibly hard. New wife, new life, everything is very different for you after you left the Catholic Church. Do you really think all Catholics are lost?