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“And why not say–as we are accused and as some claim we say–that we should do evil that good may come of it? Their penalty is what they deserve.” Romans 3:8

Romans 3:8 teaches that we may never do evil to bring about good – the ends never justify the means.

[b:3ch90f8n]1753[/b:3ch90f8n] A good intention (for example, that of helping one’s neighbor) does not make behavior that is intrinsically disordered, such as lying and calumny, good or just. The end does not justify the means. Thus [u:3ch90f8n]the condemnation of an innocent person cannot be justified as a legitimate means of saving the nation[/u:3ch90f8n]. On the other hand, an added bad intention (such as vainglory) makes an act evil that, in and of itself, can be good (such as almsgiving).

Nor can the abortion of the child be justified as a legitimate means of saving the mother.

Do I expect many, if any, people to act in accordance with this? No. I would probably do so to save my own wife, although I would be condemning myself all the more because I know and understand both that it is wrong and why it is wrong.