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All the seven sacraments can be found both in the Holy Bible and the Holy Tradition.

[b:i9r2qxeb]1.[/b:i9r2qxeb] Baptism (the Baptism at the Jordan, Jesus commanded the Apostles to “go and baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, etc), [b:i9r2qxeb]2.[/b:i9r2qxeb] Eucharist or Communion (from the Last Supper – “This is My Body, this is My Blood”), [b:i9r2qxeb]3. [/b:i9r2qxeb]Confirmation (the gift of the Holy Spirit that descended upon the Apostles at the Pentecostes), [b:i9r2qxeb]4.[/b:i9r2qxeb] Ordination (The succesion of the Apostles – upon whom Christ built His Church – evident throughout the early Church’s history), [b:i9r2qxeb]5.[/b:i9r2qxeb] Penance (Christ Himself delegated that power on the Apostles), [b:i9r2qxeb]6.[/b:i9r2qxeb] Anointing of the Sick (James 5:14-15) and [b:i9r2qxeb]7. [/b:i9r2qxeb]Matrimony (second chapter of Genesis and Matthew 19:4-6).

Finally, always keep in mind that the recipient of the Faith is fully found in the Church, encompassing Scripture and Tradition. Apostolic succession is the key to understand the legitimacy of the Church and of orthodoxy and it was the tool used by the Church Fathers to discern what would be canonical scripture and what wouldn’t. The standard has always been the Faith of the Apostles, who lived with and died for Christ. That same Faith that they passed on by to their successors ininterruptedly until our days.

Scripture alone doesn’t work, because there was already the Church before the Scripture. Likewise, that same Scripture was gathered and preserved by that same Church, the Catholic Church.