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[quote:p9k2b6e6]The sanctity and love of God is still being performed in those who even do not know God and Christ but they live in the commandment of Christ without realizing it.[/quote:p9k2b6e6]

Islam knows Christ, the Qur’an calls Him ‘Isa. But Islam doesn’t acknowledge Him as Peter and the Apostles and the Church did and do, as the Son of the Living God, God Incarnate.

‘Isa is just a prophet from Allah, who blames Christians throughout the Qur’an to have made him like God, therefore committing [i:p9k2b6e6]shirk[/i:p9k2b6e6], that is, puting partners aside with Allah. [i:p9k2b6e6]Shirk[/i:p9k2b6e6] is an unforgivable sin in Islam.

So muslims and Islam know Christ, but reject Him. I’m sure God can save them, through His Infinite grace, but one can’t say they don’t know Him, either through the fake ‘Isa or through Christianity.