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Okay. I recommend purchasing a book that explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Catholic Church and all the terms. It is called, “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. You can either purchase it at a Catholic bookstore out in town, or a Catholic website. A protestant bookstore and/or website won’t have it. Look in your yellow pages for the Catholic bookstore nearest you. Here is a Catholic website that I use all the time that has free shipping(the one I give you goes directly to the CCC book), http://www.catholicfreeshipping.com/Pro … m-173.html

Also, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go to a Catholic Church and ask a priest all your questions. Go to the Churches parish office and simply tell the receptionist that you would like to know more about the Catholic Church and was wondering if you could schedule a time with the priest for a conversation. Or you could attend a Catholic mass (make sure you do not receive communion though) and after the mass has ended, the priest will shake everyone’s hands. Wait until the parishioners have dwindled off and once the priest looks like he is done shaking peoples hands, simply go up to him and tell him you are interesting in knowing more about the Catholic faith and was wondering if he could help you. Your request will be welcomed with open arms, I guarantee it.
God Bless.