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[color=darkblue:m8v9t0dc][b:m8v9t0dc]I received this from one of my Lutheran friends[/b:m8v9t0dc][/color:m8v9t0dc]

NOT TRUE!!!! I suggest you and whomever wrote that remark, look in
Bethelehem Lutheran Church, where I go. I always get a large charge when Roman Cathiolic experts, who are experts on non Roman Catholic churches and Protestant theology, have all the answers about Protestants.

If you want to know the truth, Dave, the Roman Catholic church is seldom mentioned at Bethlehem. We have no interest in their theology.

However, I do know of some Community Churches that do not even have a Cross in the place, because they believe it should be in ones’s heart and doersn’t need to be displayed in any building.

But again, the bottom line is, does that have anything to do with one’s salvation, if Christ is on the Cross or not?