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Weather, you said:

Ron,In all of you post’s about purgatory you never said what denomination(if any)you are affilated with(curious).I known allot of “heat merchant’s in my day and some just like to argue over anything.Hope to see you in heaven someday unless you are redirected to purgatory first. [/quote:2o4awgyf]

I don’t push which church I attend because I know of many “denominations” that follow Jesus’ teachings and I also am aware of how the Catholic Church does “answers” to any other religion and I don’t want it to come down to a “My Church” vs. Catholicism. It comes down to following Jesus and His word, which you know how I strongly feel Catholicism does NOT. BTW – you won’t see me in a place that isn’t there. If you want more of how I feel -here is my website –


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