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Don’t we take care of preist already? How do they get their salary?
Many priests get their bills paid for by their parish and a stipend of some nature. Weather makes it sound like the larger the family a priest has the more money the church will have to shell out for this priest’s family. However, this isn’t the case with any other worker in the world – if I wanted to have 6 kids my pay wouldn’t increase because of it.

So, what I am saying is that priests would have to manage their families just like everyone else – with the money they are paid.

I’ll even propose that the parishes stop paying the bills and priests get a normal ministers salary to live on.[/quote:140pgrwy]

That is a good point Jon. Do you think all these new tasks would make a difference in the priests priorities, focus, and so on?
I mean, both Eastern Orthodox and Protestants have married pastors and [b:140pgrwy]some [/b:140pgrwy] seem to do just fine. But I would have to say that life as a Catholic priest in the US is a bit more complicated.
For example,
A priest in Africa doesn’t have to worry about finding a company to work on the audio system of the Church. Or find someone that will network the computers. And I’m sure you get the gist of what I’m talking about.
Granted, that the priest in our parish probably has people helping him do that but he is still a project manager overlooking that things are getting done. This is added responsibilities on top of being married and being a dad.