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[quote:ruon5ops][quote:ruon5ops]Priests are paid a salary…they can manage their families just like the rest of the population. Why is it the responsibility of the Church at large to take care of them?[/quote:ruon5ops]

Don’t we take care of preist already? How do they get their salary?[/quote:ruon5ops]
Many priests get their bills paid for by their parish and a stipend of some nature. Weather makes it sound like the larger the family a priest has the more money the church will have to shell out for this priest’s family. However, this isn’t the case with any other worker in the world – if I wanted to have 6 kids my pay wouldn’t increase because of it.

So, what I am saying is that priests would have to manage their families just like everyone else – with the money they are paid.

I’ll even propose that the parishes stop paying the bills and priests get a normal ministers salary to live on.