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Victor said

I gave specific examples:
1. The ten commandments
2. In the Trinity
3. In Heaven and Hell
You have chosen to go down your own path as always. Please answer my question. I’m not going to go down this road with you again. Do you have to believe in what I noted and other essential beliefs to be saved?[/quote:1sje3ppp]

Not really likely that anyone would believe one way without knowing the others…. but No, not really – example the thief on the cross or any deathbed type conversions

Ron, you have to remember that most issues discussed in regards to works is talking about Judaic Law. Or as I told you before works done outside of Grace. [/quote:1sje3ppp]
Where does it say only Judaic law – or did we forget Romans 11:6?

[quote:1sje3ppp]The only time someone asks Christ what they must do to be saved
the rich young man asking Our Lord, “What must I do to be saved?” is answered the same today: “Obey the commandments”, i.e., Love of God, love of neighbor. So when we do works it is only a response to God’s Will[/quote:1sje3ppp]

do you know anyone that can keep these laws PERFECTLY? I don’t think so
and since Jesus is the only one, don’t you think we should submit to His ways? What works that you list will remove even one sin? [color=red:1sje3ppp][b:1sje3ppp]NONE[/b:1sje3ppp][/color:1sje3ppp]

[quote:1sje3ppp]A crucial question that I would like to get your thoughts on is if a person does not produce any works, do they go to heaven? [/quote:1sje3ppp]

Like the thief, there are some that will yes as in deathbed conversions If a person doesn’t have works over some time I’d question his faith but understand that works are a result or evidence about one’s saved or not, they do not remove sin.

[quote:1sje3ppp]Hogwash! That is not because Christ’s work is not enough. It’s rather the application of the work of Jesus Christ. Purgatory is not a second chance either. Understand this and we can move forward. [/quote:1sje3ppp]
I understand that Purgatory is not there and is NOT in the Bible!
It is simply “Hogwash” indeed!

[quote:1sje3ppp]Not at all. [/quote:1sje3ppp]

Then why don’t you????