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Uncertaindrummer, You say:
Did you denounce logic sometime in your life, Ron? You are quoting scripture to show us your idea of Scripture.
It sure beats your mis-interpretation to see what the Bible says (so much for denouncing logic) What part of it don’t you understand?

Let me ask you; How do you know 1 Thssalonians is the inspired word of God? How do you know? The answer: You don’t know. You relied on the Catholic Church’s council to declare it was inspired. Without that, you’ve got nothing.[/quote:1rv5bb98]

Didn’t you bother to read my last posting stating where Scriptures comes from? Answer – from the disciples whom received it from the Holy Spirit –
All things considered rather then to argue how we got the Bible, since we agree about the New Testament, why is it you don’t do what the Bible tells us?