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Ah I see. Well that is a big thread. Often discussions like this are so difficult because to really get to the root of the problem one needs to get to the beginning. Justification, and more importantly, HOW we are justified, has a lot to do with who we perceive God as, and this starts way before the Bible.

To come to an understanding of God in the first place, we need to usually lean on the natural moral law that resides within our hearts, given to us by God. This is generally one of the best arguments to start a dialogue with a non-believer about the Christian God.

So then I say to those who claim breaking this law is okay; do you believe in a just God? If so, how do you hold to OSAS? If we can break the natural law with impunity, it is not really a law, and then one of the biggets examples of God in the world goes out an airlock. It just doesn’t follow.

For those who were simply born into Protestantism and accept the Bible without question, never even thinking to ask why*, or even how they know God exists, somehow I suppose this doctrine can exist. But for someone who looks at things clearly, OSAS makes no sense. At all.

*I am not saying the Bible isn’t inspired or that God does not exist, obviously. But most protestants do not have a clue why they believe in the Bible.