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Victor said:

[quote:26hzwai8]Because it’s obvious to me that you are here to win debates and not understand in a charitable manner. Until that changes, I running on fumes and need to pray for an extra outpouring of patience at the moment. Besides, what you are asking is a monster of a topic and encompasses many areas that surpass the title of this thread. This is about salvation. If you want to start a Salvation part or another topic. Please do so.[/quote:26hzwai8]

Salvation is the topic? Fine now I know I have the right thread so I again ask the question –
Where in the Bible do you get the Idea that Jesus gave us the sacraments to cleanse oneself of sin as in what I said earlier – the Catholic gets justified at Baptism, re-justified at a priestly confession (repeated over and over,) at the last rites and finally purgatory, thus they can “merit” salvation? This is NOT the Gospel of Grace. Take your time Victor but don’t just ignore this.